Analysis: “Rather Have the Chicken and Beer Boys Than the Eck Abusers”

Monday, July 31, 2017
GoLocalProv Sports Team

David Price
The low point of the Red Sox in this century had been the beer and chicken bunch of 2011 — a collection of overpaid, underperforming malcontents, but David Price and his chorus of yuksters make the chicken and beer bunch look quaint.

David Price’s behavior is the new all-time low.

It is always hard to cheer for a bunch of overpaid (guaranteed contracted) and underperforming professional athletes, but the “mean girl” bullying by David “Choke in the Post Season” Price and his supportive sicko fans teammates, include the likes of Dustin Pedroia during his verbal tirade of Dennis Eckersley is pathetic.

On Saturday, Price finally spoke to the media.

When asked, “Are you going to apologize to Eckersley?”

Price responded, “Um, when he’s around, we’ll speak face to face. I’m sure you all will hear what’s said. That’s the way it goes.”

Price is too important in his own mind to apologize for publicly bullying and shaming a Hall of Fame pitcher.

Enough said.

It is time to clean house - get rid of Price, Peddie and the rest of them. Get a real manager, a real front office and break the cycle of under achievement, complaining athletes which is now becoming the norm in Fenway.


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