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Friday, March 17, 2017
Russ Moore, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Russ Moore
Every Friday, GoLocalProv's Russ Moore breaks down who is rising and who is falling in RI politics, business, and sports. Moore has worked on both sides of the desk in Rhode Island media, both for newspapers and on political campaigns. 

  • HOT

    John Ghiorse

    While all the other meteorologists were busy over-hyping Tuesday’s storm, GoLocal’s John Ghiorse took a far more conservative, and realistic approach to the storm, warning that it could very well snow just several inches, and then change over to rain--which it did. Score yet another one for Ghiorse. GoLocal is the place to go for storm forecasts. 

  • HOT

    Gina Raimondo

    By all accounts, the Governor did a nice job in her rare appearance before the House Finance Committee on Wednesday evening when she attempted to garner support for her proposal to have the state pay for two years of college for all new Rhode Island grads going forward. Despite the fact it still faces an uphill battle in the House of Representatives, almost all those who attended the hearing seemed to be in support and that’s a good sign for Raimondo. 

  • HOT

    Len Lardaro

    The University of Rhode Island economics professor is one of the few people in our state that’s telling it like it is on the economy. The Governor and her staffers are continually boasting about the state’s declining unemployment rate, but as Lardaro points out in GoLocal this week, there not talking about the declining labor force. The sad fact, as Professor Lardaro points out, is that the state’s labor force is smaller now than it was in 2007. At least someone is pointing this out. 

  • HOT

    Nicholas Hemond

    The Providence School Board President acquitted himself quite well during an interview with GoLocal LIVE on Wednesday afternoon--particularly when talking about the school department’s plans and challenges in educating students learning English as a second language. Here’s hoping Hemond, who undoubtedly has a bright political future, can continue to shepherd the Providence School Department through challenging financial times while simultaneously finding a way to get students to bring up their standardized test scores. 

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  • HOT

    Mail Carriers

    It seemed that just about everything was closed down on Tuesday, thanks to the vastly overblown snow forecast from various (other) media outlets. And while the weather wasn’t as bad as predicted, the people who are (arguably) the most negatively affected by inclement weather, mail carriers, were out there braving the cold, rain, and sleet on Tuesday. Let’s show some love to these brave souls, who always get the job done, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. 

  • HOT

    University of Rhode Island Men’s Basketball

    They’ve had their doubters all year, myself chief among them, but the Rhody Rams, their fans, and head coach Dan Hurley got the last laugh (and a hearty one too) on Sunday, as they captured the Atlantic 10 Conference tournament title, and what’s more, secured their first NCAA Tournament bid in two decades. It doesn’t matter what preceded today, because the Rams are right where they wanted to be when the year began, part of The Big Dance, with a team loaded with talent and athleticism. The sky's the limit now. 

  • NOT

    Kevin Jackson

    The Providence City Council voted to schedule a recall election of Ward-3 Providence City Councilman Jackson for May 2, of this year. Jackson was arrested last May and pleaded not guilty last August to charges of embezzlement and improper use of campaign funds. Voters arranged a recall effort last November. His larger issues are certainly legal, but his political future isn’t exactly looking brought at this point.  

  • NOT

    Salty Brine Wind Turbine

    So the strong winds in Tuesday’s storm knocked down the 100 foot tall wind turbine at the Salty Brine. Let’s get this straight, a structure built to capitalize on strong winds, met its demise from...strong winds. This is another “only in Rhode Island moment”. 

  • NOT

    Providence Board of Licenses

    Nearly 6 Months after a scathing report by former Rhode Island Attorney General Jeffrey Pine into the operations of the Providence Board of Licenses, it’s hard to discern what the body has done to rectify its problems. There are still valid questions about whether or not different establishments are receiving vastly different punishments for similar offenses. The city needs to take credible steps in the interest of fairness. 

  • NOT

    The Urban League

    The organization dedicated to ending racial segregation continues upon hard financial times. The Urban League has petitioned the Rhode Island Superior Court for receivership because it is insolvent due to its inability to pay off a line of credit that it too out years ago. Hopefully the organization can somehow get its finances back in order so that it can return to its mission of eliminating racial disparities in our society. 

  • NOT

    Social Protests

    The New York Times reported this week that particularly in Washington DC, but also elsewhere across the United States, protesting has become a social activity for people who dislike President Donald Trump. Apparently these people like to go out to brunch on Sunday and then get together and whine during a protest. There’s something pathetic about the idea of protesting comfortably and in the company of good friends.

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