NEW: PC Fan Leaves Georgetown Game to Find Wheels Stolen Off Car

Wednesday, February 07, 2018
GoLocalProv News Team

Baris' car, after the PC game.
Providence College might have pulled out a big win over Georgetown Tuesday night, but for at least one Providence fan, the game was a loss.

Joe Baris left the game to find his car without wheels. 

"I was at the game -- I can't say what street that was exactly, but it's a RIPTA lot," Baris told GoLocal, who said he's a season ticket holder -- and that's where he normally parks. 

"When I saw it, I was filled with shock, anger, annoyance -- I don't know what to tell you," said Baris.  "What I can tell you is that my tow truck driver told me that I was his fourth car last night that he picked up [with its wheels stripped].

On Tuesday,  Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza gave his State of the City address.

"This is the state of the city," said Baris. "Apparently, these [criminals] are pretty good at what they do."

Baris said he plans to "park in the mall parking lot" from now on. 


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