Legislation Introduced to Protect Hunting Dogs from Extreme Temperatures

Friday, January 05, 2018
GoLocalProv News Team

Representative Patricia Serpa and Senator Erin Lynch introduced legislation that would include hunting dogs in an existing law that protects animals from extreme temperatures.

The current law makes it illegal to keep any dog outside when the temperature is above or below the industry standard for the weather safety scale as set by the most recently adopted version of the Tufts Animal Care and Condition Weather Safety Scale. However, the law makes an exemption for any person raising or training a gun dog or hunting dog.

“Whether for purposes of hunting or not, to keep these dogs tethered, on chains, outside of a wooden box in this weather is cruel and unreasonable. I have received several phone calls from people who are concerned about the welfare of dogs during this deep freeze. They and I want to guarantee that these animals will be protected,” said Serpa.

The legislation follows an incident in Warwick that has received national attention.

According to reports, the owner of several pit bulls has come under public protest for keeping the dogs tethered outside in order to acclimate them to cold temperatures.

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