slides: 10 Free (or Almost Free) Things to do for Mom This Mother’s Day Weekend

Sunday, May 14, 2017
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Happy Mother's Day
Money might be a little tight this weekend with families putting much of their resources into Mother's Day brunch, dinner and gifts. 

Don't fear, there are plenty of free or almost free things to do for mom to go along with the big meal and actually save some money this weekend. 

To help you out, GoLocal has put together a list of 10 free or almost free things to do for mom this weekend. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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Video Wall Photo: Elvis Kennedy/flickr 

  • Pick up After Yourself 

    Let's face it, mom has picked up after you more times then you can probably count on two hands. 

    Toys all over the place, video games all over the place, clothes all over the place and who knows what else. You name it, she has most likely picked it up. 

    So turn the tables and pick up after yourself, put your stuff away wherever it is supposed to go. 


    PHOTO: Jeff/Flickr

  • Take Mom to the Newport Cliff Walk 

    The Cliff Walk is one of Newport’s most famous attractions with the mansions lining the coast. Entry to the mansions will cost a fee, but with the Cliff Walk, you can enjoy views of the mansions with amazing views of the water all for free.

    Mom will love the walk and love taking new pictures to add to her photo albums. 

    PHOTO: Doug Kerr/Flickr 

  • Send Flowers 

    Send over some colorful flowers to brighten up the day, weekend and the house. 

    Chances are, the next time you are in the kitchen, they will be sitting on the table as the new center piece. 


    PHOTO: Dale Cruse/Flickr

  • Call Mom Everyday 

    Especially if you don't live at home or are living at school, nothing will brighten up a mothers day like a phone call, but not a phone call because you need or want something. 

    A phone call just for the heck of it. 

    She will enjoy it. 


    PHOTO: Ken Banks/Flickr

  • Take Mom to the Carousel at Roger Williams Park 

    Do a day trip to the carousel at Roger Williams Park, in fact invite the whole family why not. 

    Admission is only $2, it's a cool place and mom will love getting out of the house and doing something different. 

    For more information, click here. 

  • Give Mom a Day Off From Laundry 

    Doing the laundry for a household of people is a tedious job that can take hours of a day. 

    Tell mom to take a day off from the laundry and get the rest of the family to team up and do it for a day, maybe the weekend? 

    Imagine the great day that mom could have if she didn't have the stress of laundry hanging over her head. 


    PHOTO: H.A.M Phtgrphy/Flickr

  • Write to Mom Everyday 

    In a day and age where it is all about emailing and texting, a handwritten letter would be a nice way to change things up on a daily basis. 

    You can start by slipping a letter inside the Mother's Day card. 


    PHOTO: Fredrik Rubensson/Flickr

  • Cut the Grass 

    Don't let mom cut the grass or have to tell you to do it 50 times. Instead, volunteer to do it. Insist on doing it so she gets time to do what she wants. 

    Or maybe mom calls a company, another relative or a neighbor to do it and stresses about when they are coming and how much they charge.

    Then she has to worry about how it looks and if it's done right. 

    Give her a break and just do it yourself. 


    PHOTO: Osseous/Flickr 

  • Movie Night 

    Plan a family movie night at home and let mom pick out the movie that she wants to watch. 

    Grab some popcorn, maybe a beverage or two and enjoy. 

    An alternative to a movie would be binge watching a show on Netflix that she has yet to watch due to how busy she is. 



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