RI Recovery Support Line for Substance Use Now Open 24/7

Friday, March 17, 2017
GoLocalProv News Team

Rhode Island’s dedicated recovery support phone line - 401-942-STOP (7867) - is now available 24/7. 

The phone line was created last June as a “Warm Line” as part of Governor Gina Raimondo’s statewide, multimedia public education campaign to promote treatment and recovery of substance abuse victims. 

“The phone line 401-942-STOP, serves a critical need. Those who suffer from substance use disorders and call the recovery support line want to get help; the ability to reach out 24/7 will make a difference. We know that addiction is a disease and recovery is possible. We encourage all of our community partners to help raise awareness of this added support for those in need,” said Rebecca Boss, Acting Director of the RI Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals (BHDDH).

The phone line is staffed by licensed chemical dependency counselors and connects individuals in crisis with treatment and recovery supports. Spanish speaking counselors are also available to assist those in need.

Drug Overdose in RI 

Drug overdose has claimed the lives of over 1000 Rhode Islanders over the last five years. 

At least 329 Rhode Islanders died of drug overdoses in 2016.

Approximately 57% of Rhode Island’s overdoses involved fentanyl, compared to 47% in 2015 and 35% in 2014.

  • #25

    Doctor: Christopher Born

    Specialty: Orthopaedic Trauma

    Location: Providence, RI

    Amount Paid: $83,353

    Payments Exceeding $5,000 From: Stryker Corporation

  • #24

    Doctor: Robert Marchand

    Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery

    Location: Wakefield, RI

    Amount Paid: $83,400

    Payments Exceeding $4,000 From: Stryker Corporation and MAKO Surgical Corp

  • #23

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    Specialty: Prosthodontics 

    Location: Portsmouth, RI

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  • #22

    Doctor: Edward Akelman

    Specialty: Orthopaedic & Hand Surgery

    Location: Providence, RI

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    Payments Exceeding $5,000 From: Integra LifeSciences Corporation

  • #21

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    Specialty: Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology

    Location: Providence, RI

    Amount Paid: $88,840

    Payments Exceeding $4,000 From: Takeda Pharmaceuticals America Inc and AbbVie Inc

  • #20

    Doctor: Robert Bierwirth

    Specialty: Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology

    Location: Cranston, RI

    Amount Paid: $92,107

    Payments Exceeding $4,000 From: Janssen Products, LP

  • #19

    Doctor: Stephen Chabot

    Specialty: Neurology & Psychiatry

    Location: Pawtucket, RI

    Amount Paid: $94,892

    Payments Exceeding $4,000 From: Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc.

  • #18

    Doctor: Damian Dupuy

    Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology

    Location: East Providence,RI

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  • #2

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    Location: Wakefield, RI

    Amount Paid: $261,000

    Payments Exceeding $5,000 From: Arthrex Inc, Encore Medical LP, Arthrex Inc, 



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