Care New England Offers Healthy Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 05, 2017
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The Super Bowl is here and the parties are about to begin. 

Care New England has come up with five healthy recipes to make before the big game. 

“The infamous Super Bowl party is always notorious for piles of unhealthy foods because it’s quick and easy. However, it doesn’t have to be that way and you can stay on the path of healthy eating while enjoying the big game,” says Care New England. 

The Recipes: 

1. Baked Chicken Tenders with Creamy Avocado Dipping Sauce

Watching the game can be intense, so you need to have finger food that won’t get in the way. These chicken tenders hit the mark for easy snacking, taste great hot or cold, and go great with the creamy avocado sauce.

To get the full recipe click here. 


2. Roasted Red Pepper Spread

This hummus-like spread works well for a sandwich. Slather it over toast, top with arugula, cucumbers, and scallions for tasty bite-sized treats.

Place these sandwiches on a tray to have around when your guests get hungry between commercial breaks. Another option is to offer a bowl of the spread along with roasted veggies and pita triangles for another healthy snack.

To get the full recipe click here. 


3. Veggie Sliders

Everyone loves a good burger. Make them sliders for easy eating while cheering on your team during the big game. Now turn them into a vegetarian treat and you have the perfect healthy dish to serve for your Super Bowl party.

To get the full recipe click here. 


4. Raw Zucchini Sushi Rolls

When you’re making traditional sushi rolls, you’ll use a large strip of nori. This raw version uses zucchini rather than nori. Soaked and blended cashew is recommended as a substitute for rice. Then add any of your favorite veggies like carrots or cucumber or radishes. Even avocado makes for a great roll.

To get the full recipe click here. 


5. Zucchini Fries with Sriracha Dipping Sauce

Sandwiches, sliders, and chicken tenders are great, but you need a side of fries to go with them! This recipe uses zucchini as the healthy alternative to the greasy version. Top it off with a spicy sriracha dipping sauce and you have a perfect addition to any of the other dishes you’ll be serving at you Super Bowl party.

To get the full recipe click here.

  • Airfare

    Most major airlines have added extra flights to Phoenix from both the Boston area and Seattle, with United Airlines alone adding 55 extra flights to Phoenix for the Super Bowl, according to USA Today. but they don't come cheap. ABC News reports that the price of an airline ticket from Boston to Phoenix is up 80% from normal, with the cheapest flights costing around $850. To leave from TF Green airport in Warwick, expect to pay even more. Airfare discount site has tickets available between $947 and $1951. 

  • Game Ticket

    At last check, StubHub, one of the world's biggest ticket resellers, had over 4700 tickets on sale ranging in price from $2319.99 for seats in the far corners of the upper levels of the stadium, to $17,815.10 for tickets in the "club level". You could also take a chance on Craigslist, where tickets are going for $1829 up to $18,050 per ticket, but there's no guarantee that they're legitimate tickets.

  • Hotel

    Many hotels in the Phoenix area are requiring a three night stay- from Friday through Monday morning. That is, if you can find a hotel with vacancy. According to, there’s not a lot of availability for hotel rooms in the Phoenix area. In the area surrounding Glendale, where University of Phoenix Stadium is, there aren’t any 4- or 5-star hotel rooms available at all. Rooms that are available, at 3-stars and below, are all 10 miles or more away from the stadium. As of Monday night, only three 3-star hotels have rooms available with prices ranging from $297 to $549 per night. There are also some 2-star hotel rooms ranging from $139 up to $839 per night.

  • Parking

    The official Super Bowl parking website, Click and Park, has parking available at $50 to $100 per car. There's no tailgating allowed at the lower price points. Close parking on the secondary market, such as Stub Hub, is going for as much as $500 per car.

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