slides: RI’s First Annual Mind Body Spirit Expo Arrives

Friday, October 31, 2014
GoLocalProv Business Team

Rhode Island's first ever Mind Body Spirit Expo will begin November 29 at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick.

Over 84 exhibitors and businesses of all sizes will be coming to show off their wares, speak with guests about their products, and gain valuable face time with potential clients. 

GoLocal spoke with Pat Paolino Cruz, Creator and Producer of the Expo, to talk about how crucial balance is for your success and personal well-being.

"The event focuses on balance, and when I promote local businesses they do better which helps us [Rhode Island] all do better - a rising tide raises all the ships," said Cruz.  

As a mother of three herself, Cruz understands the appeal that a holistic approach to life can have for working women, "Women they make up about 84% of buying decisions, and we all need balance. You have got to be healthy and think positively - whether you own a business or not - you need to balance your mind, body, and spirit to be healthy." 

With about 17 years of experience running shows like the Mind Body Spirit expo, Cruz is aware of the success exhibitors can expect to see come November.

"The fastest way to gain the trust of a person is to meet with them face-to-face, to network. Then, that interaction turns someone into a potential client. That's why the expo works. That's what its about, and if it wasn’t working we wouldn’t be selling out." 

With a focus on balancing business with mental and spiritual well-being, the Mind Body Spirit Expo is a proponent of achieving healthy, happy success in your life.

The expo will run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets for the event will be $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Please submit all inquiries to Pat Cruz by contacting [email protected] 

  • Swag Bags

    Over 84 exhibitors from locally-based businesses will be there to show off their wares and share their product knowledge. 

    Don't forget to pick up your complimentary gift bag when you arrive, VIP ticket holders will be able to peruse the expo in style with the special Alexa Rae charm designed for the event!

  • Lauren Canuel

    Lauren Canuel LICSW ACSW BCD is a licensed psychotherapist and speaker who will promote holistic weight loss solutions to prevent relapse in her keynote speech.

    She has lost 150 pounds herself and has maintained her healthy weight for 28 years and aims to help others realize the benefits and success that can be possible through weight loss. 

  • Kurtis Lee Thomas

    Kurtis Lee Thomas will discuss the untapped abilities and gifts we all possess.

    The featured keynote speaker has a laundry list of credentials including: author of The World is (Y)OURS: The Awakening (Secrets Behind 'The Secret'), Co-Founder/Director of Optimistic Insight, certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist/NLP, Reiki Master, and ISSA Fitness Professional.     

  • Roland Comtois

    Roland Comtois' ability to connect with the spiritual realm and personalized messages of healing will be the topic of his discussion as a keynote speaker. 

    Comtois is a physical and spiritual healer with credentials as a Reiki Master, gerontology nurse, metaphysical teacher, and grief specialist. 

  • Massages

    Get a relaxing massage from Massage Envy!

    The spa chain will be providing chair massages and exclusive swag bags. 

  • Free Samples

    Cabot Cheese will be providing free healthy food samples to guests, make sure you grab some!

  • Beauty Secrets

    Salon Bianco will be giving live demonstrations on time savings tips for your daily beauty routine. 

  • All-Natural Products

    FleurEssence will be distributing their all-natural lines of body butter, oils and more!

  • Yoga

    Demonstrations of yoga will be scheduled throughout the day to help you stay balanced and in shape. 

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