Feroce Says BENRUS is an Insurgent, Now Ready to Disrupt Fashion

Saturday, May 13, 2017
GoLocalProv Business Team

Giovanni Feroce, CEO of BENRUS
Giovanni Feroce, appearing on GoLocal LIVE on Friday, says the BENRUS is on its way to disrupt fashion.

After a few years of ups and downs, Feroce has resolved his biggest legal challenges with the previous owners of the historic BENRUS watch brand.

As GoLocal first reported on Monday, Feroce and Bernie Mermelstein and two New York companies tied to Mermelstein have reached an agreement on their lawsuits. 

For Feroce, who has been snarled in a number of legal battles in recent months, the biggest battle was over the control of BENRUS trademarks and now it is behind the company. 

"The number one issue is the stability of an organization. I'm happy it was amicably settled," said Feroce, of the trademark issue settled this week. "It's always a little odd to talk about yourself-- but I have to tell you the confidence I have."


Just a few months after leaving Alex and Ani in the Spring of 2014, Feroce relaunched the BENRUS brand in hopes of creating a national and global lifestyle brand.

"The first [thing] we've done, we've moved the center of gravity to a sales-focus effort, in New York City -- all the things we need to do," said Feroce. "Second, the financial effort has shifted towards getting product out -- having the right financial instruments place."

"Third, this is the Amazon world -- if you don't think you have to be e-commerce focused, and get product in non-brick and mortar facility, you're not paying attention," said Feroce.

"There's two types -- incumbents, who are losing everywhere, they play defense, they're over-confident and cocky and their way of thinking is, "Oh, that's not the way we do it here," said Feroce. "Then there are insurgents. They're mobile, they love change...any General who's an insurgent, has won.  Insurgents always win."

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