SASHA LIV Brand Set to Launch

Thursday, February 11, 2016
GoLocalProv Lifestyle Team

SASHA LIV is set to launch into the marketplace as a lifestyle brand for both young and mature consumers. SASHA LIV bracelets, inspired by Sasha's life, interests and passions, set new standards for quality, functionality and durability with patented clasps, adjuster beads and sterling silver.

The brand is being introduced worldwide first through an e-commerce platform that is simple. The site allows consumers not only to purchase the sterling silver bracelets, but also get to know the brand by engaging in lookbook, reading the SASHA LIV blog, and signing up to receive e-mails from SASHA LIV.

In the next year, SASHA LIV will be introduced to hundreds of stores nationwide, expanding into additional lifestyle products, and launching a search for a brand ambassador.

“There is an unmatched style connected to these designs. It’s a reflection of what’s at originator Sasha Yakubovich’s core – he was born an artist in a land where legend and myth are among life’s greatest inspirations. And the affordable, no fuss, adjustable jewelry he designs is meant to truly communicate fashion," said BENRUS CEO Giovanni Feroce.

Assistance From Giovanni Feroce

Feroce introduced SASHA LIV to ATOM Media Group, the Rhode Island based advertising and marketing agency that has redefined and reinvigorated the industry. ATOM CEO Michael Mota is the former Alex & Ani Executive who moved the organization from a small, regional company with $2 million in sales into a global lifestyle brand with annual revenues that exceed $250 million.

“I’m incredibly impressed with how SASHA LIV makes the high quality of sterling silver affordable and accessible without sacrificing craftsmanship. Its unique patented clasp eliminates all of the struggle associated with traditional clasps, and the brilliance of these pieces’ designs is simply unrivaled. I’m proud to help bring SASHA LIV to the world," said Mota

For more information, click here.

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